Audiobook «Imperceptible Evil»

Visitá la versión en Español.

This audiobook is a (spanish) narrated version of the book “Imperceptible Evil”. It is a promise I made to many people with vision problems I met in recent years. I’m running this project with my friend and professional broadcaster Carlos Alori. But also with everyone who wants to join making a small economical contribution.

Below, some frequent questions and their answers about this project:

What's the deadline of the project?

The project is finished!

Where can I download the audiobook from?

You can check the audios out on:

What's the price of the audiobook?

In the same way that my other books, it will be free.

Do I get anything in exchange of contributing?

Yes, I'll give you a paper copy of my books when we meet or when you come to my neighborhood in Buenos Aires. And I will include you in a public list of supporters of the project.

How can I contribute?

The proposal is making an economical contribution, but if you have other ideas, let me know.

What are you going to do with the money?

In addition to fund the audiobook, I'll use it to keep developing my literary project: writing, editing, printing, translating, etc.

How can I make an economical contribution?

There are several ways:

  • Credit card / Paypal. Here
  • Credit card / Mercado Pago. Using this QR in the Mercado Pago app:


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