Point Rosalía (English)

Punto Rosalía cover

Punto Rosalía (english version), first edition, November 2017.

"The highest point is also the first point of the fall. Rosalia was the name of this point and we were never again able to get over her interruption in our lives. Something very fragile, that we could not come to understand, had hopelessly been broken, although it did not make sense to admit it or to confess it. However, the essential that nests in the very depth of our soul is something we cannot decide: it emerges and finally prevails."

This is the fourth edition of the English version of the book, containing sixteen stories. It is also the last installment of a four-part series I was releasing in 2017.

Point Rosalía
The Duel
The Enlightened
The Saddest Day of My Life
The Hotel
The Success Formula
The Possible
The Fugitive
Fiction or reality (a meeting with Martha Argerich)
The Asimov Mosque
The Dinner